Bradley Lowery's mum heads to New York for partnership meetings

The mum of brave Bradley Lowery is heading to New York for meetings with medical staff.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 11th June 2018, 10:56 am
Updated Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 10:32 am
Gemma Lowery and Bradley Lowery.
Gemma Lowery and Bradley Lowery.

Gemma Lowery, along with Lynn Murphy, chief operations manager at The Bradley Lowery Foundation, are heading out to the Big Apple today.

The pair are planning to meet with hospital staff and other charities there, in the hope of helping families of sick children in England.

Bradley Lowery.

They are hoping to set up partnerships with organisations in the USA.

Young Bradley, who sadly died last year after a battle with neuroblastoma, came to the public's attention when his family launched a fund-raising bid to get the £700,000 needed for specialised treatment in America.

The funds were to go towards the cost of treatment in New York called HU3F8, which is not available in this country. It uses a humanized 3F8 antibody to kill neuroblastoma cells.

Bradley, who was fighting the cancer for the second time, needed to get rid of as much of the disease as possible through chemotherapy treatment in the UK, before going out to America for the specialised treatment.

Tragically the Blackhall youngster was not well enough to be able to undergo the treatment in New York.

After his death, his family, including mum, Gemma, set up The Bradley Lowery Foundation, to raise as much money as possible to support other sick children and their families.

Gemma said this morning: "So today Lynn and I are heading over to New York to have crucial meetings with the hospital over there regarding the children we are supporting.

"We will be attending lots of other meetings with other charities and businesses to discuss a potential partnership.

"Whilst over in New York we will be mapping out the area and looking at suitable accommodation, the best transport routes, and places to eat that are nice but affordable.

"This is something that I want to do for our families to take as much stress as possible away from them when traveling for treatment."

Gemma said she wanted to thank the staff at Seaside Travel in Easington for organising all the travel and accommodation at a hugely discounted price.