Bradley Lowery joins professional footballers with his own match card

Bradley now has his own football card
Bradley now has his own football card
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Bradley Lowery has now joined the ranks of professional footballers with his own Match Attax card.

The gesture, which features the youngster in his Sunderland football club strip, was tweeted by Match of the Day magazine.

The card has the five-year-old who is battling neuroblastoma cancer, valued at £20m with his footballing credentials ranked at 100.

The youngster has been taken to the hearts of football fans around the world as he continues to battle against the disease after it returned earlier this year.

Earlier this month, his parents were given the devastating news by doctors that the time he has left is now limited after recent scans showed the cancer he has been fighting is growing.

However, doctors have agreed for the Sunderland fan to take part in a trial - paid for with cash raised in his name - which could go someway to prolong his life.

If things go well Bradley, from Blackhall, will be due to start the GD2 anti-body chemotherapy combination in January.