Boyfriend hurt in knife attack

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A WOMAN cut her boyfriend with a knife and pushed him downstairs after accusing him of “fancying” someone else.

Heather Sutherland, 22, cut Liam Brady’s wrist while waving the weapon around and when the argument continued to the top of the stairs she pushed him down them, a court heard.

He suffered multiple injuries, including bruises and abrasions to his spinal column, but has since made a full recovery.

At Newcastle Crown Court, Mr Recorder Toby Hedworth QC told Sutherland: “It is a mercy he was not more seriously injured by you flailing around with that knife.

“Unfortunately, the argument did not end there, there was further struggling and you then pushed him with both hands while he was on the stairs, causing him to fall backwards down the stairs and causing him to injure himself quite badly in the process, fortunately not permanently.

“Obviously domestic violence when in drink is something the courts take very seriously.”

The judge suspended Sutherland’s 20-week prison sentence for 18 months with 12 months’ supervision.

Sutherland, of The Drive, Usworth, Washington, had admitted assault.

The court heard a row had broken at Sutherland’s home and the mum-of-one accused Mr Brady of being interested in someone else.

After she made threats of violence towards him, Mr Brady went and got a knife for her in an attempt to “call her bluff”.

But prosecutor Stuart Michie told the court; “She was waving it around and he was struck on the back of the wrist.”

The court heard Sutherland was also cut, to the hand, during the struggle to get the weapon back off her.

Mr Michie said the row continued at the top of the stairs.

He said: “As she went by him she pushed him. He fell downstairs and ended up at the bottom. She continued to shout and kicked him twice.”

In a victim statement Mr Brady told police: “At the time I was frightened she would hurt or even kill me.

“Now it’s over I’m not scared of her, but I no longer want to be involved with her.

“I am not prepared to put up with her violent, drunken behaviour.

“I really think she needs some help with her drinking.”

Bob Spragg, defending, said “She was clearly extremely drunk, staggering about, she became argumentative and accused him of fancying someone else.

“She was very upset and emotional.”