Boxing and wrestling set for social club

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LET’S get ready to rumble.

This could soon be the cry emanating from a club in Washington after new owners laid out plans to hold boxing and wrestling events at the venue.

The Top Club, in Manor Road, is in the process of being bought by Simple Leisure who hope to transform it into a vibrant hub for the community to use.

The company, which is based on Teesside, have been granted a licence by Sunderland City Council to show live music, films, recorded music and hold wrestling and boxing events.

This also involved an extension to the time it is allowed to sell alcohol, now until midnight.

A spokesman for Simple Leisure said: “We are in the middle of taking over the club after we were approached by the brewery who said they were going to close it.

“If that had happened 30 staff were going to be made unemployed, so we have transferred their jobs over to our company.

“The extension will not be in effect for all seven days but it allows us to make an exception if we have a private party.

“When we do have these events we will give four weeks’ notice to the neighbours.”

Some concern had been raised by people living nearby that the extension of the licence would affect their quality of life, but the council committee decided that the additional serving time would be allowed as long as Simple Leisure committed to warning the neighbours, installed CCTV throughout and maintained its Challenge 21 scheme.

The club also sees other groups use the venue such as an elderly group that plays bingo and a kids’ club that is able to reinvest any money they make themselves.

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