Boosting the profile of our city

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CITY leaders have met to discuss how they can broaden the appeal of Sunderland.

 Echo editor Rob Lawson was asked to give a presentation to Sunderland City Council’s environment and attractive city scrutiny committee.

 Councillors spoke of ways in which they can raise the profile of the city and how the local and national media can play their parts in this.

 Deborah Lewin, head of corporate communications at Sunderland City Council, said the council had been gathering research and found that businesses were starting to realise Sunderland is a big area for manufacturing, with the success of firms such as Nissan and Liebherr.

 Mr Lawson said he had noticed more people had expressed curiousity about the city.

 He thought this could be down to the national exposure given to the city by the recent concerts at the Stadium of Light by Take That who are due to play at the venue this summer.

 “I’ve spoken to people who didn’t know Sunderland had a beach,” he said.

 “When I mention that, they seem to be more interested in our city and when you get people into the city, they are usually impressed by what they find.”