Boldon nurse Carole’s cancer journey inspires fund-raising effort

Sisters Carol Mackay and Maureen Glass
Sisters Carol Mackay and Maureen Glass
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COURAGEOUS nurse Carol Mackay has vowed to return to work after a winning her battle with breast cancer.

The mum-of-two’s world was turned upside down 12 months ago when she was diagnosed with the disease, which forced her to put her 25-year nursing career on hold.

But now the 53-year-old, of Boldon Colliery, is looking forward to a bright future and her recovery has inspired her sister, Maureen Glass, 42, to embark on a fund-raising mission in aid of a cancer charity.

Maureen said: “Carol has been very brave and we are all very proud of the way she has come through this.

“There have been a lot of difficult times and even now when we tell her she has been given the all-clear, she finds that hard to believe.

“I’ve organised a few fund-raising activities this year because I feel it’s the least I can do. We want to raise money to help others who are affected by this terrible disease.”

Carol, who is married to former Sunderland police chief Neil Mackay, was diagnosed with breast cancer last July.

She underwent a six-month course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Carol said: “I became really poorly with the chemo and it was a very anxious and uncertain time.

“It’s one thing having to deal with it, but when you don’t know what the outcome will be, it is very difficult.”

Doctors gave the all-clear in February.

Now, she is determined to return to her job as an auxiliary nurse.

She said: “It was a huge relief. I still have to go for a check-up every three months but it’s nice to be on the road to recovery.

“I am not 100 per cent there yet, but I feel that I am getting stronger and I want to try and go back to work soon.

“I don’t want to retire as a result of cancer, so I am going to go back, and then when I do retire it will be when I want to.

“I’ve had wonderful support from my husband and family.”

The next fund-raising event in aid of Women’s Cancer Detection Centre, is on September 17, when there will be a music night at the Big Club in Boldon Colliery.

To support Maureen’s fund-raising, call 07740 942928.

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