Boldon nose bite victim looks to the future after having face rebuilt

Christopher Watson before his surgery last month.
Christopher Watson before his surgery last month.
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A West Boldon man who lost part of his nose after a night out can now look to the future after surgeons rebuilt his face.

Christopher Watson was on a night out in Newcastle when he was attacked in the early hours of December 22, 2013.

Although he has little memory about the ordeal the 32–year–old ended up with the tip of his nose missing.

However, on May 30 surgeons spent just over an hour at Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary, using a flap of Christopher’s own skin.

He said: “I was only in hospital for one night and the operation took just over an hour, even I was surprised at how quick it was.

“Already though I can see a difference, all of my family and friends at the pub are also really impressed with it.

“I went back today to make sure the stitches and things were okay and it’s all looking good, I don’t have to go back now until august.”

Christopher, who works at the city’s Vermont Hotel, says his memory is hazy but he can recall a man biting his nose and the excruciating pain it caused him.

Christopher has already had four operations on his nose. The tip of his nose, around the size of a 5p piece, was missing, and doctors have used skin from behind his ear and his forehead to repair the damage.

He says that all he remembers about the attack was getting out of a taxi at St James’s Park and walking towards the city centre before seeing a flash of a blue shirt and black hair and feeling his nose being bitten.

Police officers originally investigated the incident, but dropped it days later saying there was no evidence to suggest a crime, before later re-investigating it again.

However, Christopher says the case is now pretty much closed as he has very little memory.

He added: “It’s pretty much a closed case now, nothing new has came from the investigation.

“I’m just concentrating on the future now, already my confidence is back and I’m feeling really good.”