Blocked party: Sunderland club forced to shut over toilet troubles

Independent in Holmeside, Sunderland.
Independent in Holmeside, Sunderland.
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A nightclub had to close when blocked pipes caused a stinker of a problem for its bosses.

Independent in Holmeside, Sunderland, was cleared of revellers at around 1am this morning after the venue's toilets blocked.

Emma Horton.

Emma Horton.

Some clubbers were left covered in what they believe was urine after fluid began to drip from the ceiling over the dance floor.

Owner Ben Wall told the Echo he did not know how the problem was caused but added: "They got blocked and we had to shut, but it's all sorted now."

The bar will reopen tonight, with those who had to leave told they can get free entry into this evening's SOMA Sunderland night.

On Facebook in the aftermath of the issues, Independent posted: "Really sorry folks - don't know what's happened but we're gutted and will make it up to you.

"We'll be back tomorrow so don't wash those stamps off and we'll make sure you get in."

Earlier today, the business said: "Rightio folks, we're back in action for tonight!

"If you were here last night and fancy re-starting the sesh then don't put too much effort into getting rid of last night's stamp, it'll get you in for nowt."

Among those cleared out from the bar was Emma Horton, 19, from Sunderland, who is studying media at the city's university.

She was part of a 20-strong group when the music was turned off and the bar was cleared.

"I was just stood on the dance floor when I felt a drop on my head," said Emma, who works on the bar at Ttonic.

"I'm not sure, but I think it was urine.

"It was like a dripping tap.

"My hair was shocking It was just a cheeky Friday night out and it was ruined.

"The music got turned off and then everyone was cleared and everyone was fuming and it kicked off. Then were were all just standing in the street.

"The club did the best it could do, it's not their fault, and they've said people can get in for nothing tonight, which is good."

After being moved out of the club, Emma and her mates called it a night, after collecting a pizza.

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