BizSpace knows the importance of building a community

In its first three years, HootSuite, the social media management tool, grew from zero to three million users using very little marketing and a big focus on building a community.

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Friday, 15th February 2019, 12:17 pm
BizSpace team

A community can be a powerful tool. Even if the community isn’t focused on your product, fostering a sense of belonging will make its members feel a stronger connection to you.

Start with a mission statement and base your brand around it. Think: how can I differentiate my brand so potential community members will be drawn to us? What am I offering them that’s engaging enough to grab their attention?

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There are a number of ways you can then begin to build a community: through forums, networking events, charity fundraising, producing great content which allows your customer to gain knowledge, engaging on social media and client collaborations.

Build engagement value with your community and your customers will become your brand ambassadors: people who promote, comment and share your brand’s name. A built-up community can increase your engagement value.

BizSpace’s mission statement of ‘where business gets its buzz’ conveys fun whilst being supportive to our customers.

We aim to engage with local businesses and actively encourage networking in and around our business centres.

BizSpace North Sands

We run ‘Let’s do Bizness’ events, ‘Keep it Local’ charity fundraisers and group activities.

We help promote our customers through case studies on our blog, social media and great campaigns like ‘This is me’ which was all about the singing success of our customers.

Not only do we provide a range of office space, meeting rooms and co-working space, but we aim to provide a place that our customers are proud to call home.

The key is to go above and beyond your brand, build trust with your customers and in return you will see great results.

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To join our North East community, go to the BizSpace website or call 0800 975 0875.

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