Bishop of Durham urges church to support the poor

(C) KJB-photography 2010
(C) KJB-photography 2010
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THE Bishop of Durham has called for the Church to stand up for the world’s poor.

The Right Reverend Justin Welby spoke out in a keynote speech to the Anglican Alliance for Development at Bishopthorpe, York.

He said: “The question that faces the Church both domestically and internationally, is that of what is human flourishing, good news, amidst the deep poverty that still grips many parts of the world and the utter spiritual bankruptcy and increasing material poverty in slump hit Britain?

“Our good news must be unique, because the radicality of the gospel calls us to a sense of what we are doing and saying utterly different from all other groups.

“The language of our good news is not GDP (Gross Domestic Product), output and so forth, though they are part of the means, it is human flourishing in a context of love.

“The tools of our good news is the unique ones of reconciliation and peace, with its fellow travellers of generosity, community and self-giving love.

“The task of seeking a just international trading system, of protection of those made most vulnerable, of being separated in our words and investments from oppressive and unjust structures, is a task that becomes heavier with time and needs conscious refiguring and renewal.

“At home, the Church has stood well for issues of justice in the House of Lords, and that sense of bias to the poor must be held.”