BioShock: Ultimate Rapture Edition: PS3: Action: £17.99

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TIMES are tight, so any gamers looking to get their gaming kicks at a budget price should make sure they dip into the not too distant past to unearth this awesome underwater adventure duo.

Bundling together the original Bioshock and its superb sequel, this collection allows you to dive into the murky depths of Rapture once again.

And it’s a trip worth making, as the fallen city looks just as incredible as ever, posing gamers with a layer of moral questioning above the strikingly solid gameplay mechanics, weapon and “magic” customisation, not to mention a tightly-knitted plot.

Flipping you into the role of the very first Big Daddy for the sequel, the game still plays out like very few first-person shooters on the market, while the plasmid upgrades still pack enough of a punch to deliver a multiplayer experience that will live long in the memory – Capture the Sister replacing Capture the Flag just about says it all!

An essential purchase for those of you who didn’t hold your breath and dive into Rapture’s depths first time around.