Bikers protest against ‘deadly’ road humps

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A GROUP of motorcyclists has got the hump over traffic-calming measures which they say are dangerous.

Durham Motorcycle Action Group claims the recently-installed humps in Tail Upon End Lane, Bowburn, are poorly signed and two are too close to a bend.

Durham Motorcycle Action Group

Durham Motorcycle Action Group

The road is a busy cut-through for those wanting to go from Durham City to the villages to the south and east.

“It’s used by most types of traffic, including lorries and buses,” said Dave Wigham, of the action group.

“The two humps near the bend are particularly dangerous.

“As a motorcyclist, you don’t want to ride over the humps.

“The road to the nearside of the humps is full of debris and gravel. If you go between the humps it can put you on a collision course with something coming around the bend.”

Mr Wigham says the danger is enhanced because cars and lorries tend to straddle the humps to avoid them.

“In that respect, they don’t do a lot to slow down the traffic,” he added.

“But it’s not that we are against humps on this road, it’s that the pair near the bend are in a dangerous location.

“We are urging the council to consider moving those humps to a straighter stretch of road.”

Since the group complained earlier this week, Durham County Council highways department has swept the road and put up temporary No Road Markings signs. The council is looking into other ways of improving the traffic-calming scheme.