Bike racer on course for TT dream

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A SPORTSMAN is preparing for one of the biggest races on the competition calendar as he moves up in his sport.

Daley Mathison is following his childhood dream of becoming a racing biker after starting in the junior championships at the age of 13.

IN ACTION: Daley Mathison on the track.

IN ACTION: Daley Mathison on the track.

Now the 21-year-old, from Murton, is aiming to be in the Isle of Man TT race next spring and is working alongside dad Darren to compete under the name DDM Racing.

It comes after he suffered a set back at the start of this season, when the team he was set to join pulled out. He decided to save up and buy a new machine, a CBR Honda 1000rr bike, and go it alone.

Ahead of his debut at the TT, where riders can reach speeds of more than 190mph, Daley will take part in the three-week Sunshine Superbike contest in South Africa in January. Off the tracks and roads, he and his family will be trying to raise the sponsorship he needs to compete throughout the year – up to £20,000 is needed to cover costs.

Daley, who works with his bricklayer dad and also lives with mum Carole, said: “Racing’s like an addiction, I couldn’t stop now.

“It is just something I’ve always been interested in and it’s become more exciting. If something goes wrong, then of course you’re knackered, but you get such a kick out of it and I’ve trained hard so I know what to do.

“The TT is in the last week of May, first week in June, and you can’t just turn up, you have to show them you have the mountain course licence, the right background and equipment and safety gear.

“I was supposed to take part last year, but the team I was riding with pulled out at the last minute. The big problem is sponsorship, and that’s something we need help with.”

After sitting much of this year’s season out due to financial restrictions on his competing programme, he recently took part in a two-day meeting at Oliver’s Mount in Scarborough.

His interest in racing was in part sparked by his dad’s love of the sport, with Darren putting his own riding aside to support and focus his efforts on Daley’s talent.

Anyone interested in backing him can contact him on 07853 335 991, email or at

Twitter: @EchoEastDurham