Bike fall impales boy

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A BOY had to be cut free from his bike after his leg was impaled on its brake lever.

The eight-year-old had been cycling with his mum along Marine Walk, on Roker seafront, when he fell from the bike as he rode from the pavement on to the sand.

Four firefighters from Sunderland East Fire Station were called to the scene at 2pm yesterday, along with paramedics.

When they arrived they found the youngster, believed to be from Ford Estate, conscious and on top of the bike with the lever stuck in his inner right thigh.

They had to use specialist cutting equipment to free the handle bars from the BMX bike, and then wire cutters to remove part of the lever.

The youngster was then taken to Sunderland Royal Hospital, with the remainder of the lever still in place.

The rescue effort took 45 minutes.