Biddick Academy delighted as its GCSE students build on its successes

Biddick Academy is 'delighted' with its latest set of GCSE results, which have seen it make strides in English and maths among other subjects.

Thursday, 23rd August 2018, 2:55 pm
Updated Thursday, 23rd August 2018, 3:00 pm
Jack Todd, Hollie Stearman, Chloe Jenkins and Kate Fowler celebrate their results.

This year, 64% of its year 11 leavers gained a grade 4 or above in English and maths, up from 56% last year.

In English alone, the figure stands at 72%, a rise from 75% last year, while in maths, that is 75%, an increase from 67% last August.

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Among those to pick up high marks from the Washington school was Kate Fowler, from Biddick who collected 9s in both English language and literature, history and French, a 7 in combined science and 6s in maths and music.

She is heading to Durham Sixth Form to take English literature, French and language and performing arts with a view to combining the foreign language and drama.

"I didn't expect I was going to get any 9s, so I just couldn't believe it," she said.

"I didn't think I'd get one, so to get four is brilliant.

Jack Todd, Hollie Stearman, Chloe Jenkins and Kate Fowler celebrate their results.

"I've rang my Mam and Dad, they they say they're really proud."

Chloe Jenkins, from Fatfield, is to take up a place at the sixth form at St Robert's to take geography and sciences after gaining a 9 in English literature, 8s in maths, biology and chemistry, 7s in geography, physics and French, a 6 in English language, a B in further maths, with a distinction in her English presentation and a distinction * in hospitality and catering.

She said: "I was very shocked, but I'm proud of myself, because I really didn't think I'd pass further maths.

"The revision really paid off."

Hollie Stearman, from Durham, is set to study at New College Durham, where she will take biology, chemistry, maths and art.

She collected 9s in English language, geography and biology, 8s in English literature, chemistry and physics, 7s in art and maths, a B in ICT, a C in further maths, a distinction in her English language presentation and a A* in her extended project, which was an essay about cavemen and the similarities which remain in people today.

She said: "I was crying to start off with and then I was laughing.

"I was expecting some 8s, so I've done better in some subjects."

Jack Todd, from Washington, is planning to take computer science at the sixth form at St Robert's after he got a 9 in physics and chemistry, 8s in maths, biology, both English language and literature, computer science, a 7 in geography, a B in further maths, A in product design and an A* in his extended project, which was based on NASA and the cost of space travel, and his European Computer Driving Licence.

He said: "I was anxious and scared, but when I opened them I was overwhelmed.

"I was upset after one exam in English literature because I thought I wouldn't pass, it was atrocious, but I got a 8, so I was so happy.

"I feel relieved and I was expecting 4s and 5s, but I did a lot of revision in advance."

Headteacher Paul Cowen said: "As a school we are delighted with our results, our young people really deserve them and what is most pleasing about this is they are leaving with an education, with good results, which will help them become successful in the next stage of their life.

"This is also about the journey they have been on with the school over the last few years and it's a combination of they work they have done, but also for the staff and students, it's been a challenge because it's a different system.

"I'm also really proud of our staff for all the work and dedication they've put in."