Better ways to cut costs

They now charge us to remove items of rubbish, £15 a time and £25 a year for garden waste.

Wednesday, 27th April 2016, 8:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 27th April 2016, 9:03 am

Now they are going to sack 15 per cent of the road cleaning people. We are going to end up knee deep in garbage. Will the council be responsible for the road accidents caused by rubbish blowing on to the highways; for people slipping on pavements, diseases caused by rotting, discarded foods ?

The cost-cutting will become worthless as more will end up being paid out in compensation claims.

There are far better ways to save our council’s expenses than putting good working people on to the dole.

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A few years ago I tried to get the support of an MP with the idea of sending prisoners to serve their sentences in other countries where it will not only mean less cost, it would be far more effective to reduce crime.

Take Spain, the re-offending rate is only 20% against Britain’s 67%, and Spain is only one of the many countries who could reduce our crime, saving our economy hugely.

Yet my suggestion was met with a brick wall by an MP who probably thought these prisons would be too harsh, but this is far from the case. They are more successful because of in-depth teaching and broader understanding.

Another one of my many positive ideas to save our country billions is to have everyone’s DNA and fingerprints stored on a master computer, thus solving crime quickly, cut and dry, instant justice.

However, I conclude, nobody listens to a nobody such as I. Still the old soldier

Jimmy Chambers