Beamish staff are hacked off by Facebook pranksters

Beamish's Facebook page has been hijacked
Beamish's Facebook page has been hijacked
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Staff at Beamish museum have been left red faced after pranksters hijacked their Facebook account.

A number of questionable posts have been placed on the museum’s page this afternoon – a far cry from its usual offerings of up-and-coming events taking place at the County Durham site.

The museum’s 59,000 fans were subjected to links of semi-naked models, articles on ‘annoying things couples say to each other’ and a more helpful guide of ‘things you need to know about breast cancer’.

However, customers seem to be taking the hijack in good spirits, with one user suggesting he’d just seen a bikini-clad girl in the museum’s pit village.

Meanwhile staff, who have been locked out of the account, have reported the issue to Facebook and are trying to resolve the problem,

A spokesman for Beamish said: “Unfortunately, our Facebook account has been hacked, which resulted in us being unable to access our page.

“We reported this to Facebook immediately at lunchtime today and Facebook is currently looking into the issue, we hope to have it resolved as soon as possible. We are extremely grateful to our followers who are supporting us in reporting this to Facebook on our behalf and would ask them to continue to do so.”