Beamish looks to the future

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A TOURIST attraction has boosted its visitor figures by 200,000 in three years.

Beamish Museum has also invested £4million in attractions since 2009 and has grand plans for the future.

In the next decade, it expects to pump a further £20million and take on an extra 100 staff.

Last year, it attracted a record 497,000 people to its County Durham site after hitting a slump in rising numbers.

And there are grand plans for the future, with the bosses looking to expand the site and add stacks of extra attractions.

Richard Evans, director, said: “We are fortunate to currently occupy less than half our 350-acre site so space isn’t an issue.

“We want to grow our turnover to £10million and employ 100 more people over the next 10 years.

“We can only do that through expansion.”