Banned driver threw coffee at McDonald’s drive-thru worker after it arrived cold

The incident happened at the McDonald's drive through in Ryhope Road, Sunderland
The incident happened at the McDonald's drive through in Ryhope Road, Sunderland

A disqualified driver threw a cup of coffee at a member of staff of a drive-through restaurant.

Jason Lee Smith lost his temper because he had to wait, and when his drink arrived it was cold, South Northumbria Magistrates’ Court heard.

The staff member at McDonald’s in Ryhope Road, Sunderland, was shocked but uninjured.

“Some of the coffee splashed into the deep fat fryer,” said Glenda Beck, prosecuting. “This meant the oil had to be changed which cost £150.

“Smith was seen on CCTV driving away from the car park of the premises.”

The court heard a few months later Smith was seen to skid at a roundabout in Red House.

“Police stopped him at the scene,” said Ms Beck, “When asked if he had a licence, Smith said he had the best type - disqualified. When asked if he had insurance, Smith said he had the cheapest - none.”

Smith, 25, of Runnymede Road, admitted driving while disqualified, and common assault, both on December 28 last year. He admitted driving while disqualified and driving without insurance, both on May 28.

Charlton Carr, defending, said: “Mr Smith’s guilty pleas are to his credit, the rest of his conduct is not. The McDonald’s was busy, he became needlessly angry because he thought the staff were not serving him fast enough.

“Mr Smith has problems with his temper and anger management.

“The custody threshold is clearly passed in this case, but treatment in the community would be of greater benefit to the public than simply locking him up for a few weeks or months.”

Smith was sentenced to 12-weeks prison, suspended for two years, including 30 days of rehabilitation activity. He was banned from driving for two years, and ordered to pay £150 compensation to McDonald’s.