'Ban children, not dogs' - Sunderland reacts to Wetherspoons barring dogs from all of its pubs

Children and troublesome adults are more bother than dogs.

Monday, 10th September 2018, 1:03 pm
Updated Monday, 10th September 2018, 3:17 pm

But dog-lovers were quick to defend their canine friends, pointing out humans were arguably worse.

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Commenting on our Facebook page, Michelle Meir said: "I think you will find it the customers that are unpredictable not dogs."

Shopalot Jill said: "Some of the people need banning I stood next to a guy who spat on the floor a few times and never got kicked out."

Emma Pyle said: "I think most dogs are better behaved than humans. Defo their loss, and thereare a lot of dog-friendly pubs."

Carole Welsh My daughter has a phobia of dogs.Why should she and people who are allergic or afraid have to put up with them ?

But readers commenting on our Facebook page didn't pull any punches when it came to this point.

Felicity Yarrow said: "The 10-year-old boys running amok are worse than any of the dogs!"

Chris Hall said: "I cant stand other peoples children but they don't get banned."

Carole Welsh said: "My daughter has a phobia of dogs.Why should she and people who are allergic or afraid have to put up with them?"

However, she did add: "Children shouldn't be in pubs either.Its a place for adults to get away from their kids, not have to put up with other people's, so I'm with you on that one."

Linda Johnson said: "Some customers can be more bother than dogs! Our meal was ruined by noisy kids running riot."

However, some comments did defend the decision by Wetherspoons.

Tony Isles said: "Good news: pubs serving food and dogs don't mix. I could never understand pubs, boasting they are dog friendly, absolutely unhygienic."

Gerard Kirby said: "I’m a dog owner but if food is being served dog should only be allowed in designated areas , not in areas where food is served and eaten."

Heidi Morrison said: "I'm no animal hater ( nor a lover of them either) but I don't think animals should be allowed in any place where food and drinks are served other than assistance dogs.

"To be fair, I think half of the humans who populate these places on a weekend are probably far worse a problem!"