Badge of honour for Bradley as Sunderland fan promises to get Newcastle tattoo

Bradley Lowery
Bradley Lowery
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A die-hard Sunderland fan is set for a ‘cringeful’ fundraising boost for young Bradley Lowery by having the Newcastle badge tattooed on his leg.

Eddie Goodwin was touched by the story about the Blackhall four-year-old and set his mind to coming up with a way to boost his fund ahead of Monday, when the £700,000 target for anti-body medication in the US was reached thanks to a £200,000 donation from Everton FC.

Eddie Goodwin with daughter Trinity.

Eddie Goodwin with daughter Trinity.

The cash was added to the funds raised since the youngster was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2013, with the appeal relaunched earlier this year when it was found to have returned.

Bradley’s family, mum Gemma, dad Carl, both 33, and brother Kieran, 14, are still aiming to add more to the total to cover the cost of travel, accommodation and extra care.

Eddie, a roller shutter fitter from Thorney Close, Sunderland, said: “I was talking to a lad who had done the C2C for Bradley and I’ve never heard of him, but once I became aware, I knew I had to do something.

“I’ve been chatting to my wife about it for the past two weeks and thinking about what I could do.

They can’t believe that I’ll go through with it, but I will.

Edddie Goodwin

“All the ideas were a bit naff, because I was trying to come up with something people could related to.

“I’m a die-hard Sunderland fan and I cringe at any mention of Newcastle, so I came up with having a Newcastle tattoo on my leg.

“When I told my daughter Trinity, she said ‘no way’ and then when others heard and I put it on Facebook and it’s gone from there.

“I was hoping people would try and talk me out of it, but they all want to see me do it.

Bradley Lowery, pictured in hospital.

Bradley Lowery, pictured in hospital.

“They can’t believe that I’ll go through with it, but I will.

“I’ve asked Phil at Ace Tattoos in Sunderland if he’ll do it and he’s always said he wouldn’t do a Newcastle badge, but he’s going to do it for me and there’ll be no charge.

“I’ve thought about asking to have it filled in red and white, but I don’t think I’ll get away with that.

“I’m going to have a Sunderland one done on my other leg to balance it out.”

Eddie is married to Nicola, both 44, with Eddie a season ticket holder with Trinity, 13, in the south stand of the Stadium of Light.

He has been helped by friend Mel Fenton, who works in Chaplins in Stockton Road, which neighbours Ace Tattoos.

He will be inked on Saturday, October 29, and he hopes to raise as much as he can between now and then.

The badge will join around 15 other tattoos on his body, which include Mauri artwork and dragons.

Eddie’s campaign follows on from one run by Newcastle United fan David Stonebank, from Blackhall, who got a Sunderland tattoo to support the fund.

More details about Eddie’s fundraiser can be found via