Bad Piggies HD – iPad review

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THEY must be sick of being smashed by their feathered foes.

Those bad green pigs from Angry Birds have had enough, and they’ve broken out from their role as the bad guys to be the eponymous heroes for this new puzzler from Rovio.

You’re charged with creating a vehicle that can carry the pigs from the start of a level to the goal, using a varying toolkit of crates, wheels, balloons and motors to get you there.

Once you’ve built your contraption, you hit “go”, and let physics take over, either watching your creation rumble on to a celebratory conclusion or just collapse!

It’s certainly a different approach to Angry Birds, and on the technical side it’s a much better game than the original release.

One hundred levels with multiple objectives also ensure there’s no shortage of content at first release, and rest assure there’ll be more to come.

So, while we thought the Angry Birds were the true top performers in the Rovio stable, could the Bad Piggies end up proving us all wrong?