Bad-mannered men

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UK men have forgotten to act like gentlemen, a new study has shown.

The study shows that an overwhelming number of men don’t abide by the basic rules of etiquette.

Gentlemanly ways are in danger of being forgotten in today’s modern hectic society, according to the study.

The study by revealed that only four per cent of men would give up their seat for a pregnant lady of an elderly person on a busy train.

Forty-six per cent of men admitted to spitting in public, only 40 per cent of men held doors open for women on a regular basis and only four per cent claimed they never swore in public. managing director Mark Hall said: “It’s shameful that as a society we have let our standards slip.

“Visitors from overseas associate Great Britain as a place filled with discerning gents with impeccable manners, but unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth.

He added: “We need to reeducate the men of Great Britain in how to act like gentlemen, and restore our reputation.”