Back to the classroom for these Pennywell Comprehensive School memories

Well, that was class!

Tuesday, 5th February 2019, 10:00 am
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 4:29 pm
Pupils and teachers from Pennywell School in 1974.

We wanted your memories of Pennywell School and posted a photograph on social media to see what sort of response it would get.

A whopping 37,000 of you took an interest, more than 5,400 got involved with the thread and 260 of you liked the post.

Another view of Pennywell School.

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A huge thank you to everyone who has commented so far and keep them coming.

And the overall consensus, barring one or two who disagreed, was that it was a great place to go to school.

Some of you wanted to highlight one particular teacher for praise and that was Bella Bell.

Jody Lawton said: “Bella Bell certainly was one of the best teachers in that school,” and Marika Rochelle Carr agreed: “Bella Bell defo the best teacher there xx.”

Pupils hard at work typing in 1983.

Kim Craig commented: “Bella Bell you were the best teacher there. Only lesson that I turned up for. Still love doing art to this day. Especially with the kids show them.”

And Bella herself posted: “Best place I have ever worked.”

But plenty of other teachers also got a name check.

Linda Williamson asked: “Any 1 of u remember brian riddell maths teacher x.”

And Toni Blagdon reflected: “Runnymede all the way. Mr Ratcliffe as tutor, Miss Bacon as head of house and Mr Williams the origami dude as deputy.”

Stephen Burnand Harwell said: “Miss it. Loved the place, Mr Ratcliffe physics teacher.”

And then there were those of you who just wanted to say how much you loved the place.

Laura Thompson commented: “I loved that school. Pennywell school were definitely my best school years.”

Joanne Foster said: “Best days was in Everest” and Lynne Green commented: “Left in 90, miss those days.”

Zoey Atkinson would love to turn back time and said: “Aww the year I left, 13 year ago! Loved it there, loved the school years. Would be great to go back and do it again for a while haha x.”

Given the chance, Amanda Louise Bulmer would be another time traveller and said: “Ahh yeah if we could go back just for a day. Great memories xxxx.”

Nathan Shezza agreed and said: “Fab times at the school of life, would go back tomorrow.” Liam Owellen chipped in with: “Would love to go back like unreal school.”

Natalie Craig “made some great memories in that school” and Susan Dawson “Was there 82-87. Best days ever, made friends for life.”

Scott Wilkinson said: “Great school and great memories!” while Angela Palmer was full of praise and said: “Couldn’t have gone to a school better than this one.”

Some of you had relatives who worked there such as Claire Kelf who said: “My nana Jean Fletcher was a cleaner there for years.”

Others lived nearby, including Adam Lee Wayne Fishwick who said: “My old house used to be a few yards away from here!”

Sheila Ashby recalled; “I remember them building it – we used to play there.”

And David Wilkinson “saw it get built.”

But most of you were just full of gushing praise about your schooldays there.

They were the “best days of my life,” for Denise McGuinness.

Richard Hall said: “Had some fantastic times in pennywell school and some fantastic memories for what i can remember happy days.”

John Clark told us; “Scary to think it will be 31 years this year that we left.”

There were so many of you who commented that we could not fit them all in but they included Rebecca Hunter, Shauna Abbigail Adamson, Nanna Sandra Teal, Julie Peverell, Mark Brown, Michael Mick Booth, Jeanette Savage and Kelly Letchford.

Dona Marie Tullick commented: “Eeee brings back so many good memories” and Julie Wilson hailed it as “very good school. Good times.”

Catherine Watson loved it and said: “I was in Harwell.”

Becki Hambleton asked: “Where does time go?” and Zoey Atkinson replied: “It just flies by.”

It sure does but Wearside Echoes is always here to re-live those good old days.

Keep your memories coming and what about former students of other schools. We would love to re-live the times gone by from schools across Sunderland.

To share your wonderful schoolday memories, email [email protected]