Baby taken to hospital after house fire

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A BABY boy had to be rescued after a chip pan fire ripped through a kitchen.

The 21-year-old mum fled the house in Lyons Lane, in Easington Lane, with the seven-month-old after fire destroyed the kitchen just after 6pm last night.

After making sure her little boy was safe with a neighbour she went back into the house to try and extinguish the blaze.

The pair were taken to Sunderland Royal Hospital. Although the mum was suffering from the effects of smoke inhalation, the baby was only taken to hospital as a precaution.

Eight firefighters from North Moor and Rainton Bridge attended the scene and administered oxygen before the arrival of paramedics.

Watch manager Steve Robson from North Moor fire station said: “The mum had gone back into the property to try and put the fire out with a tea towel and, as a result, she suffered quite a lot of smoke inhalation.

“Our advise is always to get out, ring 999 and stay out.”

He added: “The kitchen was badly damaged and will require gutting. Because some doors were missing, the smoke was allowed to spread quickly through the house. Again, we would always advise people to put doors back on after home improvements.

“Chip pan fires are not as common as they once were as the message is getting out there, but they are still a big cause of house fires.”