Baby has incredible escape after her pushchair is smashed by police horse

Seven-month-old Eden Stockton-Wilde somehow emerged unscathed after her buggy was kicked by a police horse.
Seven-month-old Eden Stockton-Wilde somehow emerged unscathed after her buggy was kicked by a police horse.
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A seven-month-old baby miraculously escaped unscathed after a spooked police horse trampled on the pushchair she was sitting in.

Little Eden Stockton-Wilde was tucked up and strapped into the buggy when it was kicked by the horse.

The blow split the stroller in half - and Eden was trapped inside.

Incredibly, she emerged without a scratch - but mum Kirsty Wilde has told how she thought her daughter must be dead.

The 38-year-old mum-of-two screamed: "My baby, my baby!" .

She said: "The pram completely folded in on itself. I could not see Eden at all, as she was stuck underneath. At first she did not make a noise. I really thought she must be dead.

"If you'd have seen how damaged the pram was, you could see how unbelievable that she has come away from this without a scratch or a bruise."

Kirsty, from Stockton, was visiting York with her mum, Sue Wilde, 65, and elder daughter, Amelia, 17, when the incident happened at about 1pm on Tuesday.

Amelia had just finished speaking to the mounted police, to ask if if was all right to busk, when the incident happened.

"She had just finished speaking to them, when suddenly the horse was spooked by something and kicked out violently, " said Kirsty.

"The pram was hit immediately, and it split in half and folded in on itself.

"My mum was hurt, as she was pushed by the horse, as she was with the pram.

"The police officer was shouting: 'Stand back, stand back', and we were all screaming.

"It was absolutely horrendous. It has shaken us to the core. I am still upset and shaking now.

"When I pulled Eden from the pram I just held her close. She started screaming as I held her, and it was such a relief because I knew she was alive."

A 60-year-old woman and an 11-year-old girl in a wheelchair, who were across the road, were also injured.

Kirsty and Eden were taken straight to the hospital, where doctors and nurses told her it was a miracle there wasn't a scratch on her.

Kirsty said: "The police went straight to Argos and bought me a new pushchair. That was good of them.

"They have since called to see how we are, but have not yet explained what happened or apologised."

The horse was attending the launch of Project Servator - a police scheme to deter, detect and disrupt criminal activity in crowded places.

Assistant Chief Constable Amanda Oliver, of North Yorkshire Police, said: "We apologise to those affected by the incident in York on Tuesday afternoon.

"Incidents such as this are extremely rare. Thankfully there were no serious injuries, and North Yorkshire Police immediately replaced the damaged pushchair.

"Our officers are supporting the people involved while we carry out a review of the incident to establish the full circumstances."