Baby boom for four South Tyneside District Hospital nurses

A group of nurses who trained and worked together have now sparked a baby boom at a South Tyneside hospital.

Saturday, 28th January 2017, 8:00 am
Clare Polson with son Harrison, Victoria Martin and daughter Penelope, Donna McCormack and daughter Ada, and Melissa Brown and son James.

With just over three weeks separating them, four of South Tyneside District Hospital’s staff nurses have given birth.

The revelations came as quite a shock to the friends who work at the Harton Lane site’s accident and emergency department and gastro ward, but it was made extra special as they all studied together too.

Harrison, Penelope, Ada, and James.

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Melissa Brown said: “It’s been quite a change for us all, we’ve gone from nights out to all things baby related, but it’s brilliant.

“We’ve all been there for each other.”

Melissa’s little boy James Oliver Robertson, was the first to make an appearance on December 14 weighing 8lbs.

The 24-year-old gastro nurse from Hebburn has expected him to arrive on December 9, but he kept her waiting for a little while longer.

Harrison, Penelope, Ada, and James.

Tiny Ada Suzanne Kennedy was the next to be born on December 28.

However, the tot, who weighed just over six pounds, didn’t keep her mum Donna McCormack, 25, or big sister Ella-Simone, four, from Trinity in South Shields, hanging about after coming earlier than her due date of January 8.

The following day on December 29, Penelope Eve Longmore was welcomed into the world by mum Victoria Martin, 25, from Cleadon Vale, South Shields.

The tot weighed 8lbs 2oz for Victoria, who works on A&E.

And last but not least, Harrison Polson made it a trio of boys for mum Clare Polson, from Harton Village, South Shields.

The 36-year-old, who is also mum to Nathan,14, and James, 11, gave birth on January 7 to 8lb 13oz Harrison.

All of the mums, except Donna, gave birth at South Tyneside District Hospital.

Victoria said: “It’s been really lovely having all the girls there going through exactly the same things as you were.

“This wasn’t planned or anything like that. It’s just been one of those unexpected things which has turned out great.”

The friends are now planning on making the most of their maternity leave together.

Clare said: “We’ve been looking into baby groups, so there’s a few we will be taking them too, they’re not going to be short of playmates.”