Award for hero Sunderland soldier who saved comrades’ lives in Afghanistan

Glen McNally
Glen McNally
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A MODEST military hero has been honoured for saving the life of his team commander.

Guardsman Glen McNally, 27, from Ryhope, was Mentioned in Dispatches after rescuing his injured comrade under machine gun fire during an ambush in Afghanistan.

But the dad-of-one kept the heroic act under wraps from his family until a few days before a ceremony in London to officially convey the honour.

Dad David, 53, a self-employed upholsterer who lives with Glen’s mum Janice, 50, who works at Sunderland Civic Centre, said: “We’re immensely proud of him.

“When he came back from Afghanistan he never said he’d saved someone – you know what soldiers are like.”

Glen, who is married to Nicki and has a son Ryan, three, is a member of the Coldstream Guard regiment and was attached to the Scots Guards on operations in Afghanistan.

He was on patrol moving towards a village known as an insurgent stronghold when the team was ambushed by the enemy opening fire with small arms and machine guns.

The patrol split in two and took cover. Glen was with his team commander and another guardsman.

Split from the rest of the patrol and pinned down by fire, they could not communicate with the patrol commander.

After they were targeted by insurgents with rocket propelled grenades, Glen’s team commander ordered them to prepare to move – but as he stood he was immediately shot by a burst of machine gun fire.

With the other guardsman giving covering fire, McNally crawled the five metres to his fallen comrade all the while under fire himself.

He pulled the injured man into cover and gave him life-saving first aid.

A Jackal assault vehicle from another patrol soon arrived to give fire support and help evacuate the casualty, but the irrigation ditches meant that it could only drive to within 40 metres.

McNally grabbed his injured colleague by the shoulder strap, stood up, and within full view of the enemy, began to drag him back to the vehicle while under fire, during the incident last July.