Average Sunderland household £13,354 in debt

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HOUSEHOLDS feeling the pinch in Sunderland are struggling to cover the cost of everyday living, according to new figures from StepChange Debt Charity.

In the first six months of this year, residents contacting the charity’s helpline had just £13 left each month after accounting for their essential living costs.

And, in total, 361 people contacted the helpline about their problems.

On average, city residents owed £13,354 in debts, compared to the national average of £14,092.

Frances Walker from StepChange, said: “A combination of stagnating incomes and spiralling living costs has tipped many households over the edge into unmanageable debt”.

“Too often those in financial difficulty wait almost a year before seeking advice and in that time their position has deteriorated.

“It is crucial that anyone who finds themselves in this position should seek advice and support at the earliest opportunity.”

To contact Stepchange for advice, tel: 0800 138 1111.