Attack on Washington boy brings calls for more controls on danger dogs

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MORE must be done to protect people from dog attacks, it was said today.

The warning came after five-year-old Karl Morson, from Washington, was hospitalised after an attack by a Rottweiler.

The latest figures from the NHS Information Centre show that in the year to April, the North East Strategic Health Authority had the highest rate of dog bites in the country, with 58 bites per 100,000 admissions and 500 bites in total.

The second highest was the North West with 51 bites per 100,000 admissions.

John Davis, a serious injury expert at law firm Irwin Mitchell’s North East office, said: “Time and time again we see the devastating consequences caused by attacks involving dogs which are clearly extremely dangerous.

“This is a truly-shocking case, but it is, sadly, becoming all too common. Far too many people are now facing a lifetime of physical and emotional scarring.

“Dog attacks are extremely traumatic no matter the age of the victim, but unfortunately we are seeing an alarming number of incidents similar to this that involve young children.

“More needs to be done by dog owners to protect people from the threat of dog attacks.”