Ashes Cricket 2013: Xbox 360: Cricket: £32.99

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This summer’s big cricketing event is only weeks away, as the Aussies head over to the Northern Hemisphere to try and wrestle that tiny urn away from English hands.

Here, you’re at the crease, in control of the ultimate rivalry in Test cricket, with a new game engine creating the most authentic leather on willow experience around.

Your batsmen have 360 degree control over shot placement, and the satisfaction from impeccably placing a drive between the fielders then racing away for four is infectious.

Meanwhile, a new line and length bowling system gives bowlers the tools to set plans for batsmen throughout a day’s play, as you utilise the freedom to set your field of choice.

Of course, intelligent automatic field placement exists, but where’s the fun in that?

Overall, it’s a an improvement on 2009’s effort, with dynamic features such as deteriorating wickets and weather conditions also affecting play.

There are still only the two officially-licensed sides – England and Australia – which limits the authenticity a little, but let’s be honest, it’s all about those two this summer anyway, isn’t it?