Artists help sick girl’s fight for life

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ARTISTS from across the globe have been getting crafty to help highlight little Chloe Gray’s fight for life.

Chloe’s aunt is hoping to highlight the plight of the brave 21-month-old, who is the face of the Echo’s Chloe’s Call-Up campaign, through the final installation of her textiles degree.

Leigh Bowser, 22, of Houghton, has launched The Blood Bag Project with the aim of getting people across the world to create a blood bag out of textiles.

To date, people from across the world have put their creative spin on a blood bag, which they have then sent to her to be included in the final display.

Leigh, who is studying at Huddersfield University, said: “The project has had such a good response in the crafting community.

“The project has also gone global and spread outside the UK, which is amazing.

“There’s a textiles teacher in Australia who wants to run a workshop with her Year 8 students and get them to create bags from fibres.

“Two artists in America are also interested in helping.

“I’ll be doing some workshops in the next few months to get more people involved in making them.”

Artist Jennifer Marsh, who founded The Dream Rocket project to get youngsters to create 8,000 artworks to wrap around the Saturn V Moon rocket at the US Space and Rocket Centre in Alabama, said she would support the campaign.

American artist Joetta Maue has also contacted Leigh.

“I wanted to do this to raise awareness about Chloe’s illness and encourage people to donate blood and so it seems to be going really well,” Leigh said.

Chloe is battling Diamond Blackfan Anaemia – a rare blood disorder that means she will eventually need a bone marrow transplant when she is about 10 years old.

Until then, Chloe has to undergo a blood transfusion every four weeks.

For more information on The Blood Bag project, visit and

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