Artists bring Sunderland's heritage back to life

A joint exhibition in an iconic Sunderland building is celebrating the city's proud heritage in a new way.

Monday, 17th December 2018, 10:42 am
Updated Monday, 17th December 2018, 10:58 am
Richard Fletcher, left, and Ian Potts at Mackies Corner.

Artists Ian Potts and Richard Fletcher are bringing Sunderland’s history to life with their Lost and Found exhibition in Mackie’s Corner, at the crossroads of Fawcett Street and High Street West.

The exhibition uses both ultra-modern and traditional ways in which to celebrate Sunderland’s rich heritage.

Mackie's Corner.

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Teacher-turned artist Ian is using old photographs, workshops, maps and paintings to evoke memories of places and people, while former journalist-turned artist Richard is using much more modern methods – Virtual Reality and smartphone technology.

Ian explained: “Richard and I are essentially doing the same thing – but where I’m using clippy mats and pencils, Richard is using the very latest technology.”

“My element of Lost and Found is in two parts.

“Firstly I’m using VR headsets for people to explore melded images created by old and new photographs of places in Sunderland.

“The second element is an interactive game in which people can use their smartphones to look at a map of Sunderland’s Heritage Action Zone and answer questions on locations,” explained Richard.

The two artists were commissioned by Sunderland Culture who are programming exhibitions and events into Mackie’s Corner through its Great Place scheme before the historic building is redeveloped next year.

Sunderland Culture last year secured £1.25m of National Lottery funding from the Great Place Scheme.

Lost and Found will be open between 10am and 3pm at Mackie’s Corner on the following dates: Thursday; Friday; Friday, January 4; Saturday, January 5 and Saturday, January 12.