Artist friends are soul mates

Anne Curtis, Jaqueline Quinne and Dot Bell
Anne Curtis, Jaqueline Quinne and Dot Bell
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THREE friends who met at Sunderland Art College have joined forces 26 years on to unveil their latest creative works.

Anne Curtis, Jaqueline Quinne and Dot Bell will open their new exhibition, The Greening of the Soul, on April 29.

A story of the same name, written by Anne, is the inspiration for the show.

Jaqueline, 56, said: “We read the story and then we’ve created work around it. Because Anne is an artist, there’s a lot of beautiful imagery in her writing. Whenever you come to a stop, you go back and re-read a bit more and you’re off again.

“Usually I work on my own, so it’s nice to work with two people I trust who can give good feedback.”

Anne, 56, who lives in East Boldon, said: “We bumped into each other at an art exhibition in Gateshead, went for a coffee, had a reminisce and decided to exhibit together.

“We met doing the same craft course and became friends. Then we went off and did our own thing. When we got together again, we just picked up the threads quite naturally.

“Our families have grown up and are looking after themselves, so it’s a new beginning where we can start to focus on our art work again.

“If you know you’re going to meet up then there’s a sense of motivation and focus which really helps.”

Dot, 60, said: “When we come together, the images we’ve been developing on our own have really similar themes. We mix well together.

“Although we work very differently, we wanted to work from one theme and interpret it in different ways.”

The Greening of the Soul, which will be held at the The Garden Station in Langley, Hexham, will include prints, collages and paintings and the chance to read the original story.

In June, the exhibition will move to Shepherd’s Dene, a retreat house in Riding Mill.