Arsonist put lives at risk

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A DRUNK thug who had downed 14 pints of lager risked the lives of partygoers after he was booted out of a 19th birthday bash.

Ian Kincaid became enraged when he was asked to leave Holly Richardson’s Washington home

Newcastle Crown Court heard the 23-year-old used lighter fluid to set fire to a mattress outside the property, which quickly spread to the front of the house.

As the blaze took hold, Kincaid rang a pal who was still inside the party and told him to get out.

The 15 guests then realised they were in danger and used buckets of water to put out the flames.

Nobody was hurt during the incident, but more than £1,000-worth of damage was caused to the front of the building.

Kincaid, of Highfield Rise, Chester-le-Street, told police in interview: “I know it was daft. I wish I hadn’t done it, I was just angry.

“I’d been kicked out of the house, I was just drunk, it was a stupid mistake, it went too far.”

Kincaid admitted arson being wreckless to lives endangered. Judge John Evans jailed him for 18 months.

The judge told him: “It is fortunate the result of your activities were confined to the damage I can see in the photographs and in fact those who were at the party were not as seriously at risk of being injured as they might have been.

“To some extent that outcome was achieved, at least in part, by reason of the fact you appeared to have come to your senses and alerted those inside.

“I do not take the view your history suggests you are, generally speaking, a danger to the public, but undoubtedly you endangered a number of individuals that night.”

Nigel Barnes, defending, said Kincaid never intended to hurt or endanger anybody that night.

Mr Barnes said: “He rang a friend inside and said ‘you better get out’.”