'Arrogant' drug-dealing Sunderland pervert who preyed on young girls is jailed for 21 YEARS

An "arrogant" pervert who plied underage girls with drink and drugs so he could use them for sex has been jailed for more than 20 years.

Thursday, 19th May 2016, 2:52 pm
Updated Thursday, 19th May 2016, 5:01 pm
Arkan Hosen

Arkan Hosen, who also dealt in heroin and carried a .22 revolver, targeted vulnerable teenagers who were easily caught "under his spell".

The violent 43-year-old used teens he was already abusing to entice more victims to him and tried to turn one girl into a dealer of his drugs.

The firearm seized by police

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One youngster reported her sexual assault ordeal to the police in 2011 but the Crown Prosecution Service took no further action against Hosen and he continued with his "disturbing" catalogue of crimes.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the shocking abuse took place over a ten-year period.

The girls would be plied with vodka and mephedrone at Hosen's house parties so he could use and abuse them as he wanted.

The court heard the married dad would brand some of the victims of his sexual abuse with distinctive love bites to show he owned and controlled them.

The firearm seized by police

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Prosecutor Gavin Doig said: "He has committed a serious sexual offences upon a series of young girls in the Sunderland area.

"The prosecution case is that Hosen came into contact with a number of young girls over the period. He would befriend then, he would ply them with drink, he would provide them with drugs.

"Of course these young women should not have been taking illegal narcotics, but they they were vulnerable to temptation, vulnerable to the charm of Hosen and vulnerable because, perhaps, in some of their cases, the attention Hosen gave them they had not been receiving at home."

"Once under his spell, once used to being given alcohol and sometimes given drugs for free, this defendant moved to abuse them and began to commit sexual offences upon them.

"He would use one victim to gain access to another or a girl to whom he sold drugs would be asked to entice another future victim into his presence."

Hosen, formerly of Derby Street, Sunderland, pleaded guilty to offences of sexual activity with a child, sexual assault and assault in relation to four teenage female victims.

He also pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply heroin, mephedrone, MCAT and cannabis and possession of a firearm.

Hosen's heroin and MCAT dealing was exposed when an undercover officer infiltrated his illegal world and was able to buy £8,000 worth of drugs from him and his associates.

It was the covert officer who saw Hosen's handgun in 2014, which led to his arrest.

The officer and said the operation to expose his exploits was "one the most traumatic episodes" in his twenty year career and left him fearing the lives of himself, his colleagues and the wider public were at risk.

The court heard the victims of Hosen's sexual offending said his "controlling" behaviour was a major influence in them taking drink and drugs.

One victim said in a statement: "He used me, controlled me, exposed me to things a young girls should not be involved with.

"He has stolen my childhood. I will never get that back."

Another victim said: "He was preying on young females like me."

Judge Edward Bindloss sentenced Hosen to 21 years and seven months behind bars with an extended five year licence period.

The judge said Hosen's behaviour was "disturbing" and told him: "It is the crown's case you showed an arrogant disregard for those victims.

"In relation to two you placed trademark lovebites on their bodies, a sort of arrogant branding to show they were your and under your control.

"It is clear you were handing out drugs to make contact with young girls, this was your M.O., your method of breaking down people's barriers."

Judge Bindloss said he accepted Hosen, who is married with children and does not have a bad criminal record, had the handgun for just a short period of time and that others were involved in the drugs conspiracy which supplied the undercover officer.