Are you crazy in love with Beyoncé: Echo readers react to gig announcement

Who runs the world? Beyoncé, apparently.

Tuesday, 2nd August 2016, 1:31 am
Beyonce rehearsing for last night's Super Bowl

This morning’s tour announcement caused a storm across the internet, trending on Twitter, and coinciding with millions tuning in to see her Super Bowl performance.

Echo readers also had their say on the Crazy in Love singer’s debut appearance at the home of the Black Cats on June 28.

Is this the kind of performance we can expect in Sunderland

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Hundreds of you shared and retweeted the tour announcement and it’s our top story of the day on the website so far, garnering tens of thousands of hits.

Many were delighted by the news that the former Destiny’s Child singer and global solo star will open the European leg of her Formation World tour in Sunderland.

Tammy Kean said: “I want to go the atmosphere will be class.”

Maureen Johnstone said: “Fab in concert!”

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Kayliegh Jones said: “I so want tickets.”

Luke Stott says the announcement proves the need for a permanent large-scale music venue in the city.

He said: “Once again Sunderland needs a permanent venue for gigs instead of holding 2 or 3 per year. If big names like these come, surely the others would come other times of the year.”

As with each concert announcement, there were those who criticised the choice of artist. Though Beyoncé isn’t to everyone’s musical tastes, her forthcoming appearance is undeniably a major coup for the city, ploughing millions into the economy and attracting huge media coverage due to it being the first night of the European leg of her tour.

Beyonce is heading to Sunderland in the summer

LM1976 said: “Do people really like this load of rubbish?”

Lee Gavin Anderson replied: “Although neither Rihanna or Beyoncé are very good at least the stadium are pulling in some big names, can only feed our economy nicely.”

Syzygy73 commented on our website: “See the usual mood hoovers in action. Not my cup of tea, but it is a great boost for the city. (However prices are a bit steep mind, considering there’s 4 other UK dates)”

NJJT said: “Here come the moaners... I’m not a massive fan of Beyoncé but have to admire the ambition of Sunderland to again bring one of the world’s top artists to the region as they have done in previous years (Springsteen, Coldplay, Bon Jovi etc.)

Is this the kind of performance we can expect in Sunderland

“These concerts are excellent for tourism, local business and advertising the image of the region so long may they continue. Well done SAFC.”

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Beyonce is heading to Sunderland in the summer