Apprentice star Katie Bulmer-Cooke's daughter makes TV debut on CBeebies

She's no stranger to the small screen - and her success is inspiring the next generation.

Tuesday, 27th March 2018, 6:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 27th March 2018, 8:55 am
Heidi Bulmer-Cooke

Katie Bulmer-Cooke made it through to week 10 of The Apprentice in 2014.

And now her daughter Heidi has made her own national BBC TV debut.

Heidi Bulmer-Cooke and mum Katie meet the giraffes

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The seven-year-old appeared alongside Katie in an edition of CBeebies show My First.

The programme follows children as they ‘discover, learn and experience things for the first time.’

Katie said it had been Heidi’s idea to apply to appear on the show.

The seven-year-old has made no secret of her determination to follow in her mum’s high-profile footsteps over the years.

Heidi Bulmer-Cooke and mum Katie meet the giraffes

“I remember her telling me one day, ‘Mam, by the time I am 10, I want to be on the telly’,” said Katie.

But having a mum who is no stranger to the TV studio didn’t earn Heidi any favours when it came to securing her own appearance, as Katie explained.

“She just auditioned,” she said.

“She sent in an audition tape and she got chosen to be on the show.

“The series is called My First and kids get to have their first experience of something new.

“So, she did My First Safari.”

Alas, the reality of filming turned out to be a little less exotic than the episode title might suggest.

Instead of being whisked off the Serengeti, Heidi and her mum had to settle for something a little closer to home and headed for Merseyside.

“We went to Knowsley Safari Park,” said Katie.

And while it might not have been an Africa adventure, the pair thoroughly enjoyed their visit.

“Heidi saw the rhinos, she got to feed the giraffes, we went on the baboon bus, where they were jumping all over the place and she saw the meerkats,” said Katie.

“She had an absolutely lovely day.”

And how did the budding star cope with her first experience of life in front of the TV lens?

Katie was amazed by how quickly and easily Heidi got the hang of filming.

“I am really proud of her,” she said.

“I could not believe how natural she was at it.

“I certainly was not that natural the first time I was stuck in front of a television camera.”

To see Heidi and her mum’s visit to the safari park, visit the CBeebies section on the BBC’s I-player website.