Appeal to parents in parking row

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PARENTS of children at a Cleadon school are being urged to think about where they park their cars.

Residents in Underhill Road are unhappy with congestion in their street during the school run for nearby Cleadon Village C of E Primary School.

They say the streets around the school are dangerous for children and parents walking to and from the Boldon Lane school.

Cleadon and East Boldon’s Tory councillor Jeff Milburn is asking drivers to take more care when parking.

The other streets affected are West Park Road, East Boldon Road and Sandgrove.

He said: “There are lots of inconsiderate people parking near the school with no regard for the residents.

“Some are blocking drives and others are parking parallel to other cars already parked on the street.

“It makes it difficult and dangerous for traffic to get through and visibility is low.

“There are major concerns that a child or parent could be injured as drivers can’t see what is going on properly.

“I have even had reports from residents that some parents have been abusive to them when they have asked them to move their cars.”

To try and ease the problem, South Tyneside Council has permits available for parents to park in the nearby Britannia pub.

Coun Milburn added: “The pub has a large car park that is only a short walk away from the school.

“I’d urge parents to use it and make the streets a bit safer for everyone before there is a serious accident.

“Only they can solve the problem.

“One reason is that when the new school was built no drop-off points were created. It was raised at the planning stage but nothing was done about it.”

One parent, whose daughter goes to the school but didn’t want to give her name, said: “I understand that the people who live near the school don’t like their streets being clogged up with cars twice a day.

“But it is only for a short time and I’ve never seen any accidents.

“I would never park my car in a dangerous position or block anyone else in.

“And if everyone else did the same, I can’t see there being a problem.”

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