Appeal to Sunderland Council to keep streets clean

I feel I am the only person in Houghton who takes cleanliness seriously.

Monday, 23rd January 2017, 10:51 am
Updated Monday, 23rd January 2017, 10:52 am

I am a dog owner and Toby is one year five months, I walk him three times a day and pick up his poop religiously.

I have lived on the Mulberry Way estate for three years now.

However walking round past the industrial estate and surrounding areas is an absolute disgrace, people are just letting their dog poo anywhere and not picking it up. There are plenty of dog litter bins so no excuse.

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It is in the grass and big dollops of it on the pavements, as well as loose wet grass straw scattered about.

When you are walking at night you cannot see always what you are walking in and there have been times when I have come home and had to clean my shoes.

I dread to think what their houses are like.

I have complained to Julie Ann Heron, my local Labour Councillor, and she has also contacted Mr Alex Scullion.

I have complained to Sunderland City Council and the response was it has street cleaners who clean the streets every two weeks.

I replied that I walk my dog three times a day and have not seen one street cleaner in the last month.

My proposed suggestions would be:

Place warning notices beside the dog litter bins as original notices have disappeared.

There needs to be normal litter bins too as there are currently no litter bins anywhere and quite often you see rubbish, even an ironing board at one point, scattered on the grass, empty McDonald’s cartons and other food.

I have standards and hope that Sunderland City Council does too, after all this is what we pay our council tax for isn’t it?

Please, Please, people can you take notice of what I am trying to say.

It is disgusting and I know that you can only do so much then it is up to the dog owner to take responsibility. But would you allow your dog to poo on your garden path and in your garden without picking it up? I would hope that your reply would be no.

Pauline Bradley