Appeal for new crossing refuge

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A PEDESTRIAN island could be built in the middle of a busy city road in Durham under plans being considered by the council.

Residents of the Hag House Farm estate in Pity Me, near Durham City, have presented a petition to Durham County Council for a pedestrian refuge in Rotary Way, which separates their estate from the Arnison city centre.

The residents are also hoping for a speed-limit reduction from 60mph to 40mph.

The request was initially refused by traffic officers, saying the road was not suitable for a refuge and it would encourage the use of a makeshift path through private land.

An appeal was then heard which ordered further assessments to be carried out and the council’s highway committee were due to give a decision at a meeting on March 23.

After a traffic officer suggested building a refuge further east, near the Rotary Way roundabout, several councillors said they wanted to see the site themselves before making a decision.

The council’s highway committee unanimously agreed to conduct a site visit before making a decision at a future meeting.