Animal charity releases its own Christmas advert '“ and it knocks John Lewis for six

Two best friends can be together at Christmas, thanks to the life-saving work of a special charity.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 12th November 2016, 10:43 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 3:49 pm
Candy. Picture by PDSA
Candy. Picture by PDSA

As the release of the John Lewis advert begins our exciting build up to Christmas, the PDSA has released its own Christmas commercial – and its infinitely more heartwarming.

The star of the story is Candy who is an adorable, life-loving 10-year old Westie devoted to her owner, Arthur.

The two of them are inseparable, often seen out together with Arthur on his mobility scooter as he takes Candy for walks in their local park.

A PDSA spokesman said: “Candy means the world to Arthur since losing his son to cancer. Now Candy is at the centre of Arthur’s world: his shining star and his closest friend.

“Tragically, Candy has developed an ongoing and potentially fatal disease: becoming seriously ill with diabetes - a condition that has left her completely blind. She now requires life-saving insulin injections every day.

“Without the vital medication PDSA provides, the simple fact is that Candy would no longer be the faithful companion by Arthur’s side.

“When it’s time for her injection, Candy shows a remarkable appreciation of her owner’s frailty, jumping up onto the sofa so Arthur can more easily administer the treatment.”

Candy’s condition unfortunately leaves her vulnerable to illness, which recently saw her taken into her local PDSA Pet Hospital for urgent surgery, suffering from an extremely painful, ulcerated eye.

The spokesman added: “After an intense and delicate operation, the vets managed to treat her eye ulcer and Candy is now free of pain - her enthusiasm for life fully restored. Candy’s diabetes is now stable, but she still has regular appointments with our vets to ensure the life-saving injections continue to keep her by Arthur’s side.

“Arthur calls PDSA the ‘angels’ who saved the life of his closest friend, “Without PDSA I would have lost her.” Caring for diabetic dogs like Candy costs us over £1,500 a year, a cost we can only fund through the generous support of people like you.

“Without the ongoing expert veterinary care by PDSA for her diabetes, Candy would have died, leaving Arthur devastated and without his best friend this Christmas. Thanks to your support, we treat over 470,000 pets each year, helping to keep best friends like Candy and Arthur by each other’s side.”

The PDSA has animal hospitals across the North East, including in a new facility in Sunderland, which was part-funded by readers of the Sunderland Echo during a charity drive.