Angry over treatment of ex-servicemen

Having marked the centenary of the ending of the First World War, it brings back memories for me, as my father was born during that Great War, he also fought in the Second World War alongside millions of other brave men and women.

Thursday, 15th November 2018, 9:01 am
Updated Thursday, 15th November 2018, 9:04 am

He spent a large part of the war as a Japanese prisoner, returning home not knowing his mother, my grandmother, had passed away three years earlier.

I never heard my father criticise the Japanese or the Germans and it never bothered him if someone chose not to wear a poppy, that’s what he fought for the freedom to choose.

I’ve always worn a poppy, and that’s my choice, but my father would turn in his grave if he could see how this government treats its ex-servicemen, 13,000 are reported homeless, soldiers suffering from PTSD are killing themselves, disabled veterans having their benefits cut.

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That’s what my father would have been angry about, and so should everyone in the country.

Ged Taylor,