Angel of the North could end up in Sunderland!

The Angel of the North
The Angel of the North
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PROPOSED changes to the region’s parliamentary constituencies would see the Angel of the North become part of Sunderland, an inquiry has heard.

Government plans to cut the number of MPs from 650 to 600, while making the number of voters in each constituency more equal, would see radical changes to the existing boundaries and the abolition of three North East seats.

A Boundary Commission panel, sitting at Newcastle Civic Centre yesterday, heard the proposals did not take account of the geographical realities of the region.

Blaydon MP Dave Anderson, whose seat is one of those set to vanish, said the move would undo much of the work Gateshead had done over the last 10 years to establish its own reality.

“It was the Angel which was the first and, I would argue, the best of these changes and yet sadly, under these proposals, it would no longer be under the purview of a Gateshead MP,” he said.

“It would, in Parliamentary terms, effectively be in Sunderland.”