Anarchy Reigns: PS3: Fighting: £17.99

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SEASONED multiplayer gamers will be no strangers to heading online to puff out their chests and show off all the shooting or scrapping skills that they’ve learned in single-player mode, only to be put to the sword before they’ve had time to lock and load.

Anarchy Reigns offers a similarly challenging online environment, but it’s one worth persevering with, as it offers a fresh close-combat approach to cyber-battles compared with the dozens of distanced first-person shooters dominating console bandwidth right now.

Heavy hitting is only the half of it with a colourful character cast strapping chainsaws to their arms (as Max from Madworld) or delivering a hefty dose of girl power as Bayonetta, to name but two of the 18 available.

It’s a multiplayer brawler that rips up the rulebook and gets players bone-crunchingly close to the heart of the battle, all for the price of a steaming hot home-delivered pizza.

And this is definitely tastier.