Amazing colour video of Sunderland's Halfpenny Ferry in action on the River Wear released as part of Cinesecrets

Today we invite you to sail back in time to the days when the Halfpenny Ferry carried Sunderland folk across the Wear.

Tuesday, 11th December 2018, 1:48 pm
Updated Tuesday, 11th December 2018, 1:55 pm
The Halfpenny Ferry. C/o Cinesecrets

The footage has been released through the Cinesecrets project as part of North East On Film

Every month, we reveal a hidden gem showing historic Sunderland on film from the precious collections of the region’s North East Film Archive.

The Halfpenny Ferry. C/o Cinesecrets

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We’ll release a treasure from the archive on our website and onto our Facebook page.

You’ll see the sights and sounds, the faces, changing landscapes and industries of the area. You’ll experience special events just as they happened and watch everyday lives and the region’s rich past unfold on screen.

This month we are featuring some rare colour footage of the 'Halfpenny' Ferry on the river Wear. Here are the questions for you to think about:

The Halfpenny Ferry. C/o Cinesecrets

From which East End street in Sunderland did the ferry leave from?

For how many years did the ferry operate?

In which year did the ferry cease to operate?Watch our 60 second clip and test your memory. We’ll see you in 1 week where we reveal the CineSecrets answers - and share some of your comments!


The Halfpenny Ferry. C/o Cinesecrets

If these films spark your own memories or you spot a familiar face, then please let us know. Any nuggets of information, or tales about the people or the locations featured all help to tell the amazing stories of our past – so pop them in the comments section below.

CineSecrets is just a tiny fragment of a vast catalogue of film collected and preserved by the North East Film Archive.

It’s part of North East Film Archive’s major new project NORTH EAST ON FILM, which will re-connect the people and communities of the region with their film heritage and provide important glimpses into our history through special screenings, events and online collections.

CineSecrets: Sunderland has been specially curated with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The Halfpenny Ferry. C/o Cinesecrets