Agony aunt Denise Robertson reveals why she turned down Geordie Shore

The stars of Geordie Shore
The stars of Geordie Shore
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AGONY aunt Denise Robertson has waded into a row over MTV’s controversial reality show Geordie Shore – after she was asked to appear in it.

Denise Robertson, who offers advice on ITV1’s This Morning, was offered a part in a special edition of the show, which features eight northerners, including Sunderland’s Charlotte Crosby.

Denise Robertson

Denise Robertson

But the East Boldon star turned down the offer, as she believes the series, which has secured the music channel its largest audience for the last eight years, is giving folk the wrong impression of the region.

The 78–year–old said: “I turned down a job last weekend, workaholic though I am, it’s never been easier to say no.

“The offer was to take part in an MTV special on Geordie Shore, what has been advertised as ‘MTV cameras follow some of Newcastle’s finest lads and lasses, as we sneak a peek into their glamorous lives and party lifestyles.

“No harm in that if that’s what is really happening, but everything I have read and heard suggests something different.”

Since the show was first aired three weeks ago, viewers have seen Charoltte and her pals overindulge in alcohol and behave promiscuously.

Groups on Facebook have been set up, with 30,000 people expressing their disgust about the gang’s antics in one called RIP Geordie Pride.

Denise added: “Various opinions have been aired and yes, young people are entitled to let off steam and where’s the harm in showing that?

“The harm, in this case, is that the rest of the country and indeed the world is being given the impression that all Geordies want to do is drink, vomit, swear, strip off , brawl and sleep around, and that’s far from the truth.

“Geordies may play hard but they work hard, have ambition, stick together in trouble, flock to the defence of their country when danger looms and are really rather marvellous.

“If someone makes a programme which shows all that I’ll gladly take part and waive my fee into the bargain.”