After Burner Climax: iPhone/iPad: Action: £1.9

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THE After Burner arcade units will always live long in the memory.

Taking up as much space as three or four traditional coin-guzzling game boxes, the enclosed cockpit that flung you in all directions contributed as much to the experience as the actual gameplay itself.

As a result, After Burner Climax is more like “after the Lord Mayor’s show” on the small screen, delivering a perfectly enjoyable airborne adrenalin rush for around an hour.

After that, however, it nose-dives into the realms of terribly basic gaming that doesn’t warrant strapping yourself in for a second pass.

Releasing hundreds of rockets to the beat of awful “arcade rock” has its merits, if only in a nostalgic way, and whatever you say about the final package, it definitely packs the fun factor.

If you’re planning on becoming a frequent flyer though, you’ll soon start feeling jet-lagged.