ADVERTISING FEATURE: Replacing parts on your Honda

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ONE of the most important things that people look for when choosing a car– be it new or used – is it’s high standards of reliability.

Some manufacturers build their reputations on living up to these high expectations. The roll call of popular Honda models, such as the Accord, Civic, CR-V and Prelude, is testament to the brand’s success in this area.

Because genuine Honda parts are so easily available, it makes it easy to keep your car in top condition, no matter what age it is or how many miles are on the clock. It also means there is no need to take the ‘hit and miss’ approach of searching a breaker’s yard for a matching part.

Replacing parts on your Honda is relatively simple for the modern consumer, although certain considerations still need to be made.

Global events

The connection between industry and international business affairs in this current day means that events on one side of the world may have massive impacts on different continents. The dreadful catastrophe of the tsunami in Japan led to some shortages in the availability of components that are imported to the UKL, such as microchips. That being said, the UK production of some Honda car parts meant that the negative impact was lessened to a great extent.

In fact, the quality of high performance Honda spares means that the vehicles are easy to keep as safe and trouble free as possible whilst ensuring that no corners are cut. Whether it is an engine component or a door wing mirror, alloy wheels, tyres or fuel injection systems, there is a genuine Honda part available at a reasonable cost.

In fact, the ability to keep Honda vehicles in such great shape has led to them being rated as a top three performer in MOT pass rates. The study, by consumer favourite website, looked at over 24 million MOT records and found that an average of 86 per cent of Honda cars registered in 2008 passed their first MOT. Compared against a national average success rate of 80 percent, this is an impressive feat.

The data was sourced from the Vehicle Operator and Services Agency (VOSA) through the Government’s OpenData scheme.

Building a reputation

Honda’s reputation for reliability, road worthiness and build quality is built on such results. Their dedicated approved vehicle programme for used cars ensures the quality and integrity of all the models it offers – whether they have just left the car forecourt or not.

The Aftersales section of Honda UK provides cars for all sectors and buying an approved vehicle from them assures reliability. The car has been prepared to the highest standards by Honda trained technicians and genuine Honda parts have been used where necessary.

The result of this is the offer of a 12 month ‘Honda Happiness Guarantee’. This is similar to the warranty that comes with a new car and includes Hondacare Assistance. A selection of Honda Civic parts and other branded replacements are readily available, offering a high quality finish which is accessible to all.