Achtung! Cash found for Sunderland’s landmark Germany sign

Photograph of the Germany sign at Bungalow Cafe, Seaburn, taken in 1994
Photograph of the Germany sign at Bungalow Cafe, Seaburn, taken in 1994
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CASH is being set aside to replace a famous sign which disappeared from Sunderland’s seafront.

Tourists and residents were dismayed to find yobs had attacked a Roker signpost with a 90-year history.

The original battered white sign, next to the well-known Bungalow Cafe, showed the way “to village”, “to beach”, “to Bungalow” and, more unusually, “to Germany”.

Sunderland City Council replaced it with new black and gold signpost, but the marker pointing across the sea to Germany was not put back after being vandalised.

No one knows for sure why the sign was put in place.

Some residents believe the cafe, which could date back to 1910, was once used as a watch house, helping guard the coastline during the First World War.

Others remember a pair of binoculars next to the sign which you paid an old penny to use, with which it was claimed on a clear day you could see Germany.

But everyone agrees the unusual landmark was popular with tourists and people completing the Coast 2 Coast Ride from Whitehaven.

And there were calls for a petition to see the pointer reinstated.

But now Sunderland City Council has confirmed it will be showing the way to Germany once again.

Councillor John Kelly, portfolio holder for public health, wellness and culture, said: “We were aware the sign had been vandalised, and have been actively looking to replace it when the opportunity and funding became available.

“Funding has been identified as part of the phase two promenade improvements for Roker, which will commence early next year, and the plan is to replace the vandalised sign.

“We recognise this is an important reminder of our cultural heritage, and we’re delighted its replacement will play a part in regeneration plans for the seafront which look toward our cultural future.”

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